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Jen the Libertarian

Nov 30, 2018

Time to get back into the swing of the weekly news roundup things...we've got migrant caravan / border news, twitter nonsense and #ThotAudit to discuss. 

Link to Dara Lind's piece on metering -

Link to my episode on sex work / workers - 

Nov 27, 2018

The unexpected Part 2 to "What The Hell Is Wrong With White Women?" but now it's the black men's turn! Still on the topic of the Georgia gubernatorial race but now it's the black men who voted for Kemp who are the bad guys.

Link to the stupid dumb WaPo piece I'm...

Nov 20, 2018

Finally my promised follow up to my Kindly Inquisitors book review where I do a deep dive on the chapters 'The Fundamentalist Threat' and 'The Humanitarian Threat' and how when you're dealing with those who wish to limit free speech you need to understand what kind of person you're dealing with. Hint - there's...

Nov 18, 2018

This week was...not insane. There's actually some good news to report. 

I give a quick midterm update, get into the asylum ban that NOBODY ELSE IS TALKING ABOUT, the new Title IX guidelines, and the bipartisan criminal justice reform bill that NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT

The three part The Atlantic piece from Emily Yoffe I...

Nov 15, 2018

White Ladies. We broke the glass ceiling. We beat the white men out on something. Go us.

So you know I had to go in on the current "white women are the devil" narrative right? So here we are. 

Here's the Daily Beast piece in question -