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Jen the Libertarian

Jul 28, 2019

Lots of things happened this week, none of them particularly good (except for one!) - I talk about Mueller's much hyped yet very boring congressional testimony, ICE's shiny new mandate, the asylum ban that thankfully wasn't, our safe third country agreement (?) with Guatemala and the upcoming Democratic debates

Jul 22, 2019

Because nobody learned anything from the reaction to the Slate piece navel gazing about Mayor Pete's relative gayness and if he's gaying correctly I have to do a sequel to an episode I did back in March, discussing the TNR piece on Buttigieg and the Jezebel companion piece

Let's hope I don't ever have to do a part 3

Jul 18, 2019

Later than usual weekly roundup but I was waiting to see how a few stories panned out

I (briefly because ugh) the Social Dems / Pelosi / Trump drama, where we ended up on the Census citizenship question, and all the things that happened on the immigration front this week

Jul 11, 2019

This is about Zach Frost's ridiculous email newsletter rant but it's about more than that because it's not just Zach doing this nonsense and it's spilling over into IRL life and it's a bit frightening 

Jul 7, 2019

It was a busy news week despite being a holiday week - there's Andy Ngo, the Trump administration trying to sneak a question on to the Census, Justin Amash finally peaces out of the GOP, and I discuss the Q2 fundraising numbers for both the Dems and Trump / RNC