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Jen the Libertarian

Oct 28, 2019

So apparently Baghdadi (founder and head of ISIS) is dead for real this time, the infamous Bill Taylor says the quid pro quo is real, Gaetz lead a siege of the SCIF, Hilary thinks Tulsi is a Russian asset, and we're sending troops to eastern Syria because you know what is there

It's been a long week y'all 

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Oct 25, 2019

Nancy and I sit down for a rambling follow up on how her life has been since March, the cancel culture vs legit critique discussion, some of the current cases, thoughts, feelings, and a whole bunch of other stuff

Pour yourself a drink and settle in

Oct 24, 2019

*Repromoting because I will be releasing a follow up episode*

So if you've been a listener of mine for some time you've heard Nancy's story but if not now is a good time to listen (or refresh if you've heard this one before) because her story is kinda nuts and we sat down as she was still in the midst of it 


Oct 22, 2019

Jeremiah Johnson (director at Neoliberal Project and host of Neoliberal Podcast) and I chat about what exactly is the definition of a neoliberal, the various ways in which neoliberals and libertarians are similar, how we're not (and no we're actually not the same thing) and how we can all get along

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Oct 21, 2019

Time to catch up on what the hell is going on with the impeachment process and the Syrian "cease fire" that really isn't 

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