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Jen the Libertarian

Jun 29, 2020

We've got unemployment claims leveling off at an alarmingly high number, Trump extending the green card ban until the end of the year and adding in some more groups of people who can't come to the US, a whole discussion about a noose, and idiots tearing down statues

On the bright side we do have grand jury charges...

Jun 26, 2020

Where we discusser her Arc Digital article of the same name plus a *lot* of other things

Link to Cathy's piece -

Jun 22, 2020

In which I discuss the reactions (or lack thereof) to the Brooks shooting, the rather momentous SCOTUS decisions we got this week, and Trump's weird failed Tulsa rally

There's also talk about Bolton's book and a slightly off topic ramble about cop who lie about fast food incidents 

Jun 15, 2020

As the country slides even further into delirium we still manage a conversation about what to do about policing, ancoms take over a chunk of Seattle, and (sadly) we have another death at the hands of police

Jun 15, 2020

I don't mean this as shade toward anyone, I just wanted to get some stuff off my chest because I've been thinking about it....