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Jen the Libertarian

Jul 31, 2020

So as everyone on Earth knows the feds were sent into Portland to do...I don't know what exactly and Nancy went to go document what was going on and report back to us 

Jul 27, 2020

Things in Portland aren't slowing down and neither is the trend of deploying Feds to cities who didn't ask for their assistance, the Trump administration is *still* trying to keep illegal immigrants from being counted on the Census and to keep from having to reinstitute DACA, and a return of the Covington story now...

Jul 24, 2020

Where I look into movements that have come and gone in the past (namely girlboss feminism and #MeToo) to predict the future of the current It Movement
Let's just say the future doesn't look bright 
Link to Leigh Stein's Medium piece referenced -

Jul 20, 2020

Things we learned this past week - root access to Twitter can be bought for an insanely low price, DHS can send CBP into Portland because they feel like it, and libertarians like to fight over dumb stuff

(to be fair you probably already knew about that last one)

Jul 17, 2020

Jesse and I have a conversation about The Letter (which he is a signer of), the discourse around The Letter (which involves him), The Counter Letter (which also involves him), a bit about Bari Weiss (that does not involve him), and his and Katie Herzog's new (very successful!) new podcast Blocked and Reported