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Jen the Libertarian

Feb 22, 2021

I talk about Biden's sadly DOA immigration bill and some of the really good stuff in it, the Facebook - Australia story, Ted Cruz's ill fated Cabo trip, Cuomo lying about the number of grandmas and grandpas that dies of COVID in NY nursing homes, my bewilderment at political parties hitching themselves to jackasses, and...

Feb 8, 2021

TL;DL - everything is kinda horrible and broken but hey we might be getting some sweet at home COVID tests and another vaccine on the US market.


Feb 1, 2021

Well January sure turned out to be a weird month no?

This past week capped it off with the rise of meme investing, preparing for impeachment 2.0, and a Texas court blocking Biden's 100 day deportation moratorium. 

A heads up - I'll be announcing in the next week changes to my Patreon and Substack accounts going forward,...