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Jen the Libertarian

Aug 24, 2018

Well since everyone else refuses to properly postmortem 2016 I decided I'd do it for them. I talk about where the DNC, RNC, and LP went wrong and how not dealing with the aftermath of 2016 hasn't served any party well.

I also go into a not entirely planned sorta deep dive on my thoughts on the Malice x Welch x Woods sit...

Aug 16, 2018

Because when you see someone write in to an advice column talking about their white guilt you have to go in on it a bit (or a lot). I discuss the idea and origin of intersectionality, a lovely piece by Kwame Anthony Appiah on the perils of labels and a horrible advice column on what to do about while guilt



Aug 10, 2018

Man a bunch of stuff happened on the Internet this past week. I decided to talk about some of it like the Sarah Jeong / NYT situation, Alex jones getting kicked off (almost) everything, reverse racism, and hate speech.

Aug 2, 2018

So yeah it's about time we discussed this democratic socialism thing. I give my thoughts on the topic and do a deep dive on the Vox piece on democratic socialism as described by a DSA democratic socialist.


Aforementioned Vox...