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Jen the Libertarian

Apr 30, 2019

Getting back to the weekly roundup schedule (until another huge story ruins everything) to discuss the Poway synagogue shooting, Warren's dumb free college plan, and Biden's official entrance into the 2020 race

Apr 28, 2019

Yes this is about the dumb stupid awful USA Today op-ed about *gasp* Kamala Harris owning a handgun for personal protection. 

Seeing as this is prime Some Idiot Wrote This content I thought it deserved it's very own episode.

Link to said stupid dumb awful...

Apr 24, 2019

So we're not quite a week into our post-Mueller Report world and as promised I've got some expanded thoughts on the media reaction, the obstruction charges, and the impeachment murmurs

Link to Scott Shackford's Reason piece I use for reference -

Apr 18, 2019

So the Mueller Report officially dropped today and I normally don't do this but here are my somewhat immediate thoughts on the report. 

I thought that in the spirit of recording one's thoughts in the moment I'd do this and see how well it holds up later. Of course I'm sure I'll be proven 100% right.

Apr 14, 2019

Slightly abbreviated episode but I did want to give my thoughts on the Assange arrest / possible extradition and on the absolute cluster going on over at DHS